Now Hiring! Jobs for everyone! We are currently recruiting for our forced labor camps in the North Vancouver area. Oops, I mean gulags. Oops, I mean civilian detention centers. Oops, anyway... try it, you'll like it.

Web Sites of Canadian Soviet Action Party President, Paul Kemp:

Soviet Communism?
Candid Camera
Andrew J. Moulden: Note the Heavenly Glow of the Recent Convert

Also see: Comrade Moulden

True memo, discovered on the desk of CAP Leader, Moulden:
Monday, May 26, 2008 10:23 From the desk of Andrew J. Moulden: BA, MA, MD, PHD and new CAP Leader

"Dear Canada;

You will believe me, I hope, when I say I am to become the President (King if you like) of this New World Order and Sigular [sic] State Parliament — sounds delusional — but ask me "WTF" in three years when it happens. [...] I AM international and I am in charge and I am diplomat status and I am wanting you to follow me - not lead me.  I will offer you opportunities for those spiritual dollars ..."

I want you, penniless, or multi-zillionaire, to serve me, and GOD, as that is the command of the day and I am commander in chief in these times - it sucks - but there you have it.

Source:  The above is from an email Moulden sent to Bill Cowper, forwarded to Peter Dodd, and was obtained from a CAP insider by yours truly, the present webmaster.  Merci beaucoup, my friend! *[Webmaster's note: by 'Sigular [sic] State Parliament ...', we think he means the new Parliament for North American Soviet Union.] [Another Webmaster's note: In July of 2009, Mr. Moulden saw the error of his Soviet Lefist ways, and converted to Conservative Right Christianity, leaving a giant maple leaf behind in the C-sAP web site, where he used to have a head.]
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Jones: Join C-sAP!
Alex Jones for the Canadian Soviet Action Party
Alex Jones of Info-Wars and Prison Planet officially endorsed the Canadian Soviet Action Party (C-sAP), urging all Canadians to join and follow Comrade Connie Fogal-Rankin. The party is a Communist front, working to advance world government and North American Union.
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The Harry Rankin “Internationale

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Smilin' Jack

Free to the first 32,000,000
new C-sAP members:

The Harry Rankin “Internationale” (Memorial Anthem, Free Download) with an à-capella in high “C” by the late Comrade Jack Tsetung, channeled for the occasion.

Audio Control

The Real Rankin Obit

Harry Rankin Obit by Doug Ward

Harry Rankin Obit by Doug Ward

DOWNLOAD the full Harry Rankin obituary in black & white.

“Only Harry Rankin could get a crowd of more than 1,000 people — including a former B.C. Supreme Court chief justice, some of Vancouver’s top trial lawyers, labour leaders, octogenarian ex-Seaforth Highlanders, Communists and ex-Communists, poverty and peace activists — to stand for a rousing version of the Internationale.

Comrade Connie hired a Choir
for the Funeral:

“The great socialist anthem was sung by a choir at a memorial service Sunday for Rankin, the veteran lawyer who served as a city councillor for 24 years, and passed away Feb. 26 at age 81. Rankin died of cardiac arrest while recovering from quintuple heart bypass surgery.”

And they were not hired to sing, “O Canada!”  These are COMMUNISTS at the Canadian Action Party.

Communists Fogal and Rankin had Controversial Links with NDP Leader Jack Layton

Not only are Connie Fogal and Harry Rankin known Communists, but their close affiliation with Jack Layton, former leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada (NDP), was controversial.

Layton was a supporter of The Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE), the Communist municipal party founded by Harry Rankin, and run by Rankin with his wife Connie.

Hellyer, the founder of the Canadian Action Party, resigned as CAP leader in 2003 after the New Democratic Party (NDP) while Jack Layton still was leader, refused a merger proposal because it would have had to change its party name.

However, the NDP is a full member of the Socialist International, founded by Engels and xxxx, in xxxx.  The mandate of the SI and therefore of all its members, including the NDP, is a socialist world government and “industrial democracy”, the form of Communism innovated in the now former Yugoslavia.  “Industrial democracy” is better known as “workers’ control” or “workers’ self-management”, or innocuously, merely as “participation”.  Moreover, “industrial democracy” is also the platform of the Parti Québécois, which is not a separatist party, it’s a communist party, set up by René Lévesque in 1967-68 on orders from the federal Pearson cabinet and Power Corporation of Canada.

Keeping an EYE on CAP, Terry LeBlancIt can be no accident that Communist Fogal, with her links to Communist Jack Layton, was recruited to lead Hellyer’s Canadian Soviet Action Party, which had no hesitation in pursuing a merger with the communist NDP.  Hellyer’s CAP has always been working for North American Union by deception, and for world government out of Israel.  The signs are all clear from the scam exposed by Terry LeBlanc, a CAP insider, in his password-protected web site “EYE ON CAP” of the CAP era.

In 2004, well known Communist, Connie Fogal-Rankin, recruited into the CAP by Hellyer, was acclaimed party leader after Red Tory David Orchard failed to respond to an invitation to take over the leadership.

BC Citizens for Canadian Unity Fogal, Orchard, Bertrand 2 Feb 1996

Communist Connie Fogal hosted Red Tory David Orchard and Communist Guy Bertrand on 2 February 1996.

The clipping above is “B.C. Citizens FOR Canadian Unity”, from The Ottawa Citizen.  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  Sat, Jan 27, 1996 · Page 18.

Orchard and Quebec City communist lawyer, Guy Bertrand, were hosted by Connie and Harry in 1996 for a post-Quebec-referendum tour of the Vancouver Lower Mainland.  The scam of the tour involved pretending to “oppose” “Free Trade”, in fact a facade for North American Union.

Orchard has always pretended to “oppose” and “fight” what Connie (like Jack Layton before her) calls the “deep integration” of Canada into the USA and Mexico.  Real meaning: the annexation of Canada into a regional union on the European Union model. But, this can’t be done without first dismantling Canada, and the USA, because obviously, a constitutional republic cannot be merged with a constitutional monarchy.

That’s where the communist Parti Quebecois comes in, the party of Guy Bertrand, its long-time strategist.  The goal of the PQ is to dissolve the Constitution of Canada by dismantling in a mass secession of the provinces and territories, thus removing that obstacle.

Whereas Hellyer’s CAP is targeting the final continental merger by pretending it’s merely a political option, when in fact it’s unconstitutional and illegal.  The fake “political” fight led by Hellyer, Connie, and temporarily by the clueless Moulden, is therefore calculated to buy time to get the North American merger done.

Fogal stepped down in 2008 after the federal elections that year.  She was succeeded by Dr. Andrew J. Moulden, who finally tossed in the towel and joined the Christian Heritage party after willingly participating in the world-government and regional union scam of the Canadian Action Party.

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