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Web Sites of Canadian Soviet Action Party President, Paul Kemp:

Soviet Communism?
Candid Camera
Andrew J. Moulden: Note the Heavenly Glow of the Recent Convert

Also see: Comrade Moulden

True memo, discovered on the desk of CAP Leader, Moulden:
Monday, May 26, 2008 10:23 From the desk of Andrew J. Moulden: BA, MA, MD, PHD and new CAP Leader

"Dear Canada;

You will believe me, I hope, when I say I am to become the President (King if you like) of this New World Order and Sigular [sic] State Parliament — sounds delusional — but ask me "WTF" in three years when it happens. [...] I AM international and I am in charge and I am diplomat status and I am wanting you to follow me - not lead me.  I will offer you opportunities for those spiritual dollars ..."

I want you, penniless, or multi-zillionaire, to serve me, and GOD, as that is the command of the day and I am commander in chief in these times - it sucks - but there you have it.

Source:  The above is from an email Moulden sent to Bill Cowper, forwarded to Peter Dodd, and was obtained from a CAP insider by yours truly, the present webmaster.  Merci beaucoup, my friend! *[Webmaster's note: by 'Sigular [sic] State Parliament ...', we think he means the new Parliament for North American Soviet Union.] [Another Webmaster's note: In July of 2009, Mr. Moulden saw the error of his Soviet Lefist ways, and converted to Conservative Right Christianity, leaving a giant maple leaf behind in the C-sAP web site, where he used to have a head.]
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Jones: Join C-sAP!
Alex Jones for the Canadian Soviet Action Party
Alex Jones of Info-Wars and Prison Planet officially endorsed the Canadian Soviet Action Party (C-sAP), urging all Canadians to join and follow Comrade Connie Fogal-Rankin. The party is a Communist front, working to advance world government and North American Union.
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Welcome to C-sAP

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The Canadian Soviet Action Party
Truth is stranger than fiction

The Truth is out there.And sometimes more entertaining. The truth behind the “Canadian Action Party” — the subject of the spoof web site you are now visiting — is so bizarre, there really is no way to spoof it, except to tell it like it is (was).

This “spoof” web site is modeled on the previous web site of the Canadian Action Party while brain surgeon, Dr. Andrew J. Moulden was its leader.

Let’s begin by a summary:

The Canadian (Soviet) Action Party supports a one-world government, a globalist religion (Urantia), alien-human hybridization, and membership of Earth (real name, Urantia) in an interplanetary federation.

The Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg Group are presumed by Urantia believers at C-sAP to have received “alien contact,” which is why these sainted organizations run by the world’s worst Evilarchy*, are motivated to form a one-world government: so that Earth can join “galactic society”.

The Urantia cult is a spinoff from the 7th-Day Adventists who themselves spun off David Koresh’s Messianic Branch Davidians. The Branch Davidians met their tragic final end in a bloody FBI siege in 1993 at Waco, Texas in violation of posse comitatus.1

Waco (wacko?) is the home of the Bush-Fox-Martin signature in 2005 of a non-released document behind the “Security and Prosperity Partnership” to complete a regional union in North America on the pretext of 9/11.

The Urantia Book

The Urantia Book

The “Urantia Book” behind the cult is a faked “religious” document “channeled” by one of the Kellogg family, at least four of whom were members of Skull & Bones.

The object of this Urantia cult is world government for the Earth (Urantia) but where the Earth is just one planet in an interstellar, interplanetary federation of planets, each with a one-world government.  At the center of the whole federation is God on the middle planet.  (And no, we don’t yet know if God is David Rockefeller.)

So the purpose for pretending to “channel” a 2000-page book to kick-start a new religion might well be sinister.

And, sinister it is when you discover the passages in the Urantia Book (the cult’s Bible) demanding a one-world government.

This is what the Canadian Soviet Action Party claims to oppose when addressing the public. But, one-world government is a religious tenet of the UFO cult manically pursued behind the scenes by the C-sAP Executive members, and by their founder, Red Paul Hellyer of Pearson and Trudeau fame.

Says the Urantia Book (as preached online by C-sAP president, Paul Kemp):

134:6.4  Another world war will teach the so-called sovereign nations to form some sort of federation, thus creating the machinery for preventing small wars, wars between the lesser nations.

The malign intelligence behind the words “will teach” in that passage is too startling to be ignored.

In the past few years, self-styled analyst Joel M. Skousen, nephew of W. Cleon Skousen who published The Naked Communist and The Naked Capitalist, has been warning that “they are planning a war for us”.

Says Skousen to Alex Jones, in the advertising film for his book Strategic Relocation:

“Well, part of it is that they don’t understand the nature of the conspiracy. They don’t understand that there is a great powerful force not only to take down Liberty, which is what their agenda is, but to make sure that they don’t get the blame for it.

So, they are going to use — they blame it on anyone, they blame it on the free market, they blame it on “business cycle”. It’s not the business cycle, it’s the monetary cycle created by the Fed.

And ultimately, these people are going to escape blame, because they are planning a war for us. A third world war. A nuclear war. Which in fact will wipe out a great deal of the financial centers and will let them to walk away and say, ‘It wasn’t our fault’.”

In fact, they are right now blaming it on “Covid-19”, the imaginary disease caused by an imaginary virus, not proven to exist, never isolated or purified from a sick-patient sample.  Not anywhere, any time, on Earth, after a year and a half of scamdemic.

So, instead of a military world war (so far), we have been swamped by a fake pandemic, Covid-1984, a war against the people, precisely for world government.  The bankers are using their control over our governments to destroy the world’s economy with Red-Chinese-style.

Both the UN and the UNPA are using the pretext of the fake pandemic to demand an “elected” world parliament.  The bankers and Big Pharma are using their control over our governments to destroy the world’s economy with Red-Chinese-style lockdowns, of no scientific or medical benefit.

After this pandemic we cannot afford to lose this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to organise and demand—as united people—a global parliament based on a universal global constitution capable of taking care of every global challenge in the common good. — David Victori Blaya

Instead of a world war, we have been swamped by a fake pandemic war, an endless war to “Defeat Covid-19”, the true “Universal Adversary”.  This war is a war of Them against The People, precisely for world government under Lock-Step totalitarian control as mapped out by The Rockefeller Foundation in 2010.

The imaginary Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak

Therefore, currently playing out before us, as you will see while you visit here, we have an apparently Marxist, Bankster-friendly Urantia UFO cult hybridized with Christianity and with Zionist forces.  This is clearly indicated by CSAP president Paul Kemp’s use of the Star of David, and the flags of Israel and the United Nations as twin pennons of his desired world government over the Earth in an interplanetary federation.

All are pushing naive people to accept, on religious faith, the spirituality and “goodness” of David Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission, his Marxist Council on Foreign Relations, the pro-Communist Bilderbergers.  Enameled onto this religious tenet is the requirement that Urantia believers agree that national sovereignty is poisonous, and the cause of wars.

National sovereignty is not the cause of wars.

Another passage from the Urantia Book, as posted by the CsAP’s Paul Kemp, gives a very strong hint as to who is really behind this phony religion and UFO cult:

134:6.11  Under global government the national groups will be afforded a real opportunity to realize and enjoy the personal liberties of genuine democracy. The fallacy of self-determination will be ended. With global regulation of money and trade will come the new era of world-wide peace. Soon may a global language evolve, and there will be at least some hope of sometime having a global religion — or religions with a global viewpoint.

A global religion!  Perhaps Urantia, itself?

Urantia is pretty deadly stuff; and it’s targeted to securing compliance with a Bankster-engineered overthrow of Western Civilization by a naive element of that very population.

Basically, the views that the Evilarchy wants people to hold are being peddled as RELIGION. These views become tenets, held on faith; and are thus not open to challenge in the real world external to the hypnotically wobbling bubble of the imaginary universe created by Urantia around its advocates.

The Urantia cult converts the Banksters and their Marxist Council on Foreign Relations, their Trilateral Commission, and extended network into supposed collaborators of Christ to create a world government on Earth, as part of an intergalactic federation (in which it is possible to voyage to the middle planet and meet God). (I’m betting it’ll be a trans-humanized, brain-transplated Evelyn Rothschild on the Divine Throne.)

Urantia followers are being used to buy public acquiescence to a system of global control by these same international bankers behind the world-government conspiracy. Control over all people no matter the nation, race or culture, by a one world-government institution determining one way of doing things for everyone.

In fact, the institution is already here. It’s called UNESCO, and its disturbing objectives are entirely reminiscent of Marxist objectives, in particular the notion of Soviet Communists who intend to create a “New Soviet Man” as a kind of “perfected” human being. (I think they really mean a well conditioned slave.)

Urantia facilitates a real political power grab advanced through mind control exerted over a fringe element of society with apparently limited capacities for critical judgment.

This new, if zany, religious fundamentalism preached by CAP president Paul Kemp, is a UFO cult varnished with things already familiar to people, such as the Star of David which Kemp has animated as merged with a hypnotic animated version of the triple-ringed Urantia logo.

Add to this an intergalactic Jesus incarnated throughout the infinite alien-populated worlds advanced as “fact” and “truth” in Paul Kemp’s presentation of the Urantia Book.

That is what you do when you sell a new product with advertising. You “associate” it with something your target market already accepts in order to break down barriers to its introduction.

Machiventa.org_PaulKemp_Web_SitesThese are some of Kemp’s web sites (also linked in the sidebar). I can’t count how many there are, as they are often interlinked in a maze that is confusing to negotiate:

Canadian Action Party’s
Real-Life Underpinnings

The Canadian Action Party (CAP) was founded in 1997 by Paul Hellyer, who was born in Waterford, Ontario, Canada in 1923.

Hellyer is a former Cabinet Minister under (real-life) Soviet agent Lester Bowles Pearson, and again under (real-life) Red Mole Pierre Elliott Trudeau. Trudeau led a Communist delegation at Moscow in 1952. (For the facts on Trudeau and Pearson, visit CANADA How The Communists Took Control.)

Hellyer resigned the leadership of the CAP in 2003, after the New Democratic Party failed to agree to a merger proposal. Is that quite clear? Hellyer attempted to merge the “pro-Sovereignty” Canadian (Soviet) Action Party he had founded, with the New Democratic (Soviet) Party of Canada. The Canadian NDP is a full member of the (Soviet) Socialist International, working for a one-world socialist government. In other words, they are working against national sovereignty!

And yet, Paul Hellyer and his leadership recruit, Comrade Connie Fogal-Rankin, a practicing Communist (well, at least the “oligarch” part), have been stumping the hustings pushing The Canadian (Soviet) Action Party to “save” Canadian “sovereignty” from the North American Union, a Communist regional union under world government.

As for CAP founder, Paul Hellyer, see for yourself from these VIDEO clips on “visitors from other planets”:

Hellyer: Decades Ago, Aliens Wanted to Help Us!

Hellyer: Has America Developed Flying Saucers?

Hellyer: Paranoid Military Disdain Aliens as “Partners in Development”

And finally, recent former CAP leader, Connie Fogal-Rankin is a hard-core Soviet communist as was her husband. As you should know, Communism = globalism. The whole point of the Soviet Union was to spread Soviet communism world-wide, and they have had agents in every country on earth for over a hundred years working on it.

Rumors of their death have been greatly exaggerated

Several members of the c-Sap and their entourage are said to have died.  But, we have inside information:  they went to Paul Kemp’s “Other Worlds of Space” as acting Ambassadors from Earth.  They are even now touring the Universe as guests in advanced alien crafts, preparing the admittance of Earth (Urantia) to the great Galatic Federation.

See you there, Moulden!  You, too, Jack!  Harry, we all miss you and will see you soon.  Apparently, Comrade Connie and c-SAP founder Paul Hellyer are scheduled on a flight out, soon.  Pending their big one-way, Connie and Hellyer have been hybridized with Beta Reticulans to enable them to breathe the alien air on other worlds.

Paul Hellyer and Connie Fogal Hybridized with Beta Reticulans

Paul Hellyer and Connie Fogal Hybridized with Beta Reticulans

*  Aliens by “Donald Lain Smith”.
* Coining of the word “Evilarchy” is attributed to Anthony J. Hilder.

1  It is alleged that in 1993, Hilary Clinton personally gave the order to “torch the f-ers” and sent in tanks and police to murder the Koresh followers in their collective home. It looks quite possible that this is what happened, if you check a number of the videos on YouTube.

Alien Space Saucer


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