Now Hiring! Jobs for everyone! We are currently recruiting for our forced labor camps in the North Vancouver area. Oops, I mean gulags. Oops, I mean civilian detention centers. Oops, anyway... try it, you'll like it.

Web Sites of Canadian Soviet Action Party President, Paul Kemp:

Soviet Communism?
Candid Camera
Andrew J. Moulden: Note the Heavenly Glow of the Recent Convert

Also see: Comrade Moulden

True memo, discovered on the desk of CAP Leader, Moulden:
Monday, May 26, 2008 10:23 From the desk of Andrew J. Moulden: BA, MA, MD, PHD and new CAP Leader

"Dear Canada;

You will believe me, I hope, when I say I am to become the President (King if you like) of this New World Order and Sigular [sic] State Parliament — sounds delusional — but ask me "WTF" in three years when it happens. [...] I AM international and I am in charge and I am diplomat status and I am wanting you to follow me - not lead me.  I will offer you opportunities for those spiritual dollars ..."

I want you, penniless, or multi-zillionaire, to serve me, and GOD, as that is the command of the day and I am commander in chief in these times - it sucks - but there you have it.

Source:  The above is from an email Moulden sent to Bill Cowper, forwarded to Peter Dodd, and was obtained from a CAP insider by yours truly, the present webmaster.  Merci beaucoup, my friend! *[Webmaster's note: by 'Sigular [sic] State Parliament ...', we think he means the new Parliament for North American Soviet Union.] [Another Webmaster's note: In July of 2009, Mr. Moulden saw the error of his Soviet Lefist ways, and converted to Conservative Right Christianity, leaving a giant maple leaf behind in the C-sAP web site, where he used to have a head.]
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Jones: Join C-sAP!
Alex Jones for the Canadian Soviet Action Party
Alex Jones of Info-Wars and Prison Planet officially endorsed the Canadian Soviet Action Party (C-sAP), urging all Canadians to join and follow Comrade Connie Fogal-Rankin. The party is a Communist front, working to advance world government and North American Union.
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“The Star of Bethlehem was one of God’s Flying Saucers”: Season’s Greetings from Paul Hellyer … and the Skull & Bones?

Paul Hellyer to a stunned RT journalist, Sophie Shevardnadze: “I don’t know if you’re a person who’s ever read the Bible or not, but I think the Star of Bethlehem was one of God’s flying saucers.”

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Alex Jones Wants You to Join the Canadian Soviet Action Party

  Alex Jones himself has been outed as being secretly a member of a globalist religion seeking world government. But not the Urantia religion. Jones:  “And, just to let you know who Connie Fogal is. She's a great lady.  As a former leader of the Canadian (Soviet) Action Party, a lawyer and former teacher, Fogal lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, where her late husband, Harry Rankin,1 was a long-time progressive city councillor.  She's an anti-globalization activist2,

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Statement by retired U.S. Air Force Lt.-Col Don Ware

The President of the Canadian Action Party, Paul Kemp, maintains countless, very detailed, very off-the-wall "Urantia" web sites depicting a synthetic interstellar religion involving humans and aliens from hundreds of other worlds. Here is just one of Kemp's web sites: "Other Worlds of Space". If you click the last orange rectangle at the bottom in the left-hand menu, labelled "Lt. Col Don Ware", you should find a statement by this former U.S. Air Force officer, including the following "beliefs" and assertions:

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Lester Pearson Spy Kit

Free to the first 32 million C-sAP members. Complete instructions on how to infiltrate and betray your sovereign country to the Party. A limited number have been autographed by the lovely Elizabeth Bentley, GRU (Russian Intelligence). Includes a free pass to the National Film Board's "Hazen Size Memorial" viewing of "Citizen Connie".

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The Paul Hellyer UFO Kit

Join the Inter-Planetary Development Partnership (It's just a coupla notches up from NAFTA and the SPP) With technology borrowed from Roswell, and smuggled to you by covert agents of C-sAP inside "Area 51," you, too, can join the Inter-Planetary Development Partnership.  Bring Visitors from other worlds and Humans into ever-closer socialist galactic comradeship! A Speech by Paul Hellyer,Founder of theCanadian Soviet Action Party Paul Hellyer, Former Acting Prime Minister of Canada,

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The Harry Rankin “Internationale

Free to the first 32,000,000new C-sAP members: The Harry Rankin "Internationale" (Memorial Anthem, Free Download) with an à-capella in high "C" by the late Comrade Jack Tsetung, channeled for the occasion.   Audio Control The Real Rankin Obit DOWNLOAD the full Harry Rankin obituary in black & white. "Only Harry Rankin could get a crowd of more than 1,000 people -- including a former B.C. Supreme Court chief justice, some of Vancouver's top trial lawyers, labour leaders,

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The Paul Kemp World Government Kit

This kit consists of a do-it-yourself synthetic world religion "channeled" by Wilford Kellogg, a member of Skull & Bones family between 1912-1952. The one-world trade, economic and market agenda of the Urantia "religion" is to come about on the same basis as the one-world government predicted by Project for A New American Century (PNAC), for whom the right catastrophe — "a new Pearl Harbor", will trigger global union* in the name of Jesus, and the Popes at Bilderberg who are to be Chaplains

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Welcome to C-sAP

Truth is stranger than fiction, and sometimes more entertaining. The truth behind the "Canadian Action Party" -- the subject of the spoof web site you are now visiting -- is so bizarre that there really is no way to spoof it, except to tell the truth. Therefore, not much inspiration is required to make fun of the "Canadian Soviet Action Party". All we have to do is tell it like it is.

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The Canadians are getting ready
for the aliens.  Are you?

Recently, a former Canadian Minister of Defence and Deputy Prime Minister named Paul Hellyer made a controversial speech about the need to develop a coherent policy for interacting with extraterrestrial civilizations. A long-time opponent of the weaponization of space, Hellyer has recently become more outlandish in his stance.

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Flying Saucers?
Helpful Aliens?
Partner Aliens!
Lieutenant-Colonel Don Ware
Lieutenant-Colonel Don Ware, a friend of Canadian (Soviet) Action Party, channels alien communications and delivers them to the U.S. military.
Paul Kemp, President, Canadian Soviet Action Party
Paul Kemp, President,
Canadian Soviet Action Party
Read Paul's Resume (on file with the Canadian Soviet Action Party). You can see why the C-sAP hired him!
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