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Web Sites of Canadian Soviet Action Party President, Paul Kemp:

Soviet Communism?
Candid Camera
Andrew J. Moulden: Note the Heavenly Glow of the Recent Convert

Also see: Comrade Moulden

True memo, discovered on the desk of CAP Leader, Moulden:
Monday, May 26, 2008 10:23 From the desk of Andrew J. Moulden: BA, MA, MD, PHD and new CAP Leader

"Dear Canada;

You will believe me, I hope, when I say I am to become the President (King if you like) of this New World Order and Sigular [sic] State Parliament — sounds delusional — but ask me "WTF" in three years when it happens. [...] I AM international and I am in charge and I am diplomat status and I am wanting you to follow me - not lead me.  I will offer you opportunities for those spiritual dollars ..."

I want you, penniless, or multi-zillionaire, to serve me, and GOD, as that is the command of the day and I am commander in chief in these times - it sucks - but there you have it.

Source:  The above is from an email Moulden sent to Bill Cowper, forwarded to Peter Dodd, and was obtained from a CAP insider by yours truly, the present webmaster.  Merci beaucoup, my friend! *[Webmaster's note: by 'Sigular [sic] State Parliament ...', we think he means the new Parliament for North American Soviet Union.] [Another Webmaster's note: In July of 2009, Mr. Moulden saw the error of his Soviet Lefist ways, and converted to Conservative Right Christianity, leaving a giant maple leaf behind in the C-sAP web site, where he used to have a head.]
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Jones: Join C-sAP!
Alex Jones for the Canadian Soviet Action Party
Alex Jones of Info-Wars and Prison Planet officially endorsed the Canadian Soviet Action Party (C-sAP), urging all Canadians to join and follow Comrade Connie Fogal-Rankin. The party is a Communist front, working to advance world government and North American Union.
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Comrade Moulden

Popular CAP Leader Dr. Moulden, Defects to the Christian Heritage Party

Popular CAP Leader Dr. Moulden, Defects to the Christian Heritage Party

In an August 6th, 2009 press release of the Christian Heritage Party announcing the advent of Moulden to its sheepfold, Jim Hnatiuk — Leader of the Christian Heritage Party, reports the “Great News!”:

“CAP Leader Resigns & Joins the CHP!

Like the Little Engine That Could, the Christian Heritage Party continues to scale what once seemed like an insurmountable mountain out in the political hinterlands. Momentum is increasing as we gain the notice of politically aware people across Canada.

We are delighted to announce that the Leader of the Canadian Action Party of Canada, Dr. Andrew Moulden, has resigned his leadership position in order to give his full support to the Christian Heritage Party of Canada.

CAP, founded in 1997 by Trudeau’s former Deputy Prime Minister the Hon. Paul Hellyer, included monetary reforms intended to prevent the kind of debt-fuelled economic collapse currently being experienced. The CHP also advocates a return to government-created money under the Bank of Canada as authorized by the Bank of Canada Act, rather than 98% bank-created money that we are currently using.”

Is Moulden still a Urantia boy? The way Hnatiuk quotes him, it seems he is. Hnatiuk recapitulates the former CAP leader’s motives in making the big switch from the Far left to the Far right:

Dr. Moulden said, “I remain committed to serving our fellow citizens and country with a political organization that best reflects the interests of our country, fellow beings, and the Golden Rule…”

Well, whaddaya know! The Christian Heritage Party seems to have embraced in its very midst a disciple who remains “committed” to working with “a political organization that best reflects” not only the “interests” of “our” country, but those of “our” “fellow beings”.

When Moulden says “fellow beings,” does he mean our very own little dogs and pussy cats, horned toads, blue-tongued giraffes, and egg-laying Easter bunny rabbits? While that remains quite possible, in this particular quote, by “our… fellow beings,” Moulden obviously means… Aliens from outer space. The Christian Heritage Party apparently therefore accepts intergalactic Christianity, and the necessity of saving the souls of Earthlings and “our fellow beings,” the Aliens, alike! The platform of the CHP has become truly universal.

Political opportunism in this country knows no diffidence. In Canada, we are all crazy. Come, join the fun!

Behind the Scenes with
Moulden at the CAP

Moulden Proclaims Self the
“King” of the “New World Order”

That’s back-stage, inside the CAP and its secret operations. Meanwhile, the apparently newly converted intergalactic Christian, Dr. Moulden, like the proverbial weasel, or better yet, like the proverbial lying Marxists who founded the CAP to help destroy Canada, dissimulates the real objectives of the CAP (world government and regional union) when he says to naive adherents and the public alike:

“Believe me when I say I love this country, please join us to save our nationhood and sovereignty.”

Dr. Andrew J. Moulden, leader of the Canadian Action Party
Notice that, in CAP leader Moulden’s memo to “Dear Canada” (in the sidebar of the present web site), a memo intercepted on Moulden’s leadership desk at the CAP by an enterprising CAP insider who was kind enough to pass it on to yours truly, Moulden uses the Biblical “I AM” adopted in Paul Kemp’s Urantia logos.&nbspl Moulden then refers to himself as the future “President (King if you like) of this New World Order”.

Extra special, that insider was Terry Le Bland.  I recently recovered most of his files on the CAP from a crashed hard drive (not a crashed saucer).  Download Terry Le Blanc’s “Eye On Cap” for shenanigans documented inside the Canadian Action Party).

Moulden says:  “I AM international”.

Kemp’s Urantia Book, apparently reinforcing the current order of things which is infecting all member nations of the Red U.N. with post-WWII Techno-Communism, and absorbing the national sovereignty out of the member states of the U.N., and out of the member states of the post-WWII regional blocs in Europe, Africa, South America, and North America, teaches: 

“Local affairs will be handled by local governments; national affairs, by national governments; international affairs will be administered by global government.”

We therefore have a strong indication that saucer-chaser Hellyer and his surrogate, Red Connie with her bullhorn calling for a binding Referendum to complete the North American regional union, by attaching Canada to the USA and Mexico, and the whole crazy Urantia-globalist gang behind the Canadian Action Party, are in fact working for world government.  They were always lying to Canadians that the CAP is “fighting” to save Canada from the globalist regional union under which Canada, the USA and Mexico are being harnessed.

Moulden Sails Away from the CAP
after a Spoof Video is Released
on YouTube

Moulden's Little Sailor Suit

Moulden’s Little Sailor Suit?

But, why did Moulden suddenly quit the Canadian Action Party, and so soon after joining?

Indeed, it might have something to do with Moulden’s incompatible-with-politics touchiness over a little video by yours truly.

The musically accompanied “It’s the Canadian Action Party!”, uploaded on 11 May 2009, was flamed severely by irate CAP membership in the globalist coalition wings of the Leftist-Urantia New World Government Order.

The video lampooned the fact that Moulden had been spotted and captured in flagrante delicto, larking about in a genuine United States Naval Officer’s uniform purloined from the closet of a certain “Sherri Tenpenny”.

Dr. Andrew J. Moulden, brain doctor, was leader of the Canadian Soviet Action Party for a brief interval of nine months, departing in August 2009.

The purpose of the C-SAP was supposedly to avoid the annexation of Canada to the USA in a North American Union.  Nonetheless, Moulden was caught on film in a US NAVY uniform, smartly saluting (impliedly to the American flag).

That picture of Dr. Moulden, the new Leader of the Canadian Soviet Action Party, in the Naval Officer’s uniform, emerged in early 2009.

“It is classified as an offence, punishable by jail, to wear an Officer’s uniform if you are not an officer.”  This is alleged to be according to US NAVAL Regulation SECTION 4: LAWS, DIRECTIVES, U.S. NAVY REGULATIONS PERTAINING TO UNIFORMS, Title 10, U.S. Code (1) Sec. 771-Unauthorized wearing prohibited. (Source: Ottawa911 on Wed. Feb. 18, 2009 @ 1.09 p.m.)

The military duds belong to the husband of an American NewswithViews columnist, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, who is now a well known commentator on the 2020 pandemic.  At least, well known to those who pay attention.  (It does cross the border, doesn’t it!)

Anti-NAU Dr. Andrew J. Moulden smartly salutes while wearing the purloined uniform of a United States Naval Officer.

Anti-NAU Dr. Andrew J. Moulden smartly salutes while wearing the purloined uniform of a United States Naval Officer. The pic is alleged to be from page 65 of the book, Massevidence, by Dr. Moulden (book pic, below):

Moulden, page 65 of Massevidence

Alleged to be page 65 of Dr. Andrew Moulden’s book, Massevidence

To which yours truly, the present Canadian critic replied in YouTube:

Perhaps my little video spoof accentuated the prospect of Moulden’s extradition on charges of impersonating an American military officer. Was the risk of embarrassment to the Canadian Soviet Action Party thus too great, leading baby-faced Moulden to “jump ship” to the Christian Heritage Vessel?

Moulden:  A DAM MAD MD I AM

Dr. Andrew J. Moulden

I AM (Paul Kemp)
The photo above is from a Facebook page dedicated to Dr. Andrew Moulden. The slogan on the photo is “A DAM MAD MD I AM“.  Obviously, it echoes Paul Kemp’s and the CAP’s pseudo-biblical Urantia cult.  Notice the shooting star.

The Canadian Soviet Action Party:
An Intergalactic Marxist Alien Menace

The Canadian Soviet Action Party is a true, organized subversive group founded by Comrade Hellyer, and produced by Communists like Connie Fogal Rankin, working to promote globalism and undermine Canada by pretending to “fight” to “save” it from continental union. It is indeed a unique specimen of “controlled opposition”.  According to Elections Canada, it was deregistered and is not currently an active political party.  But a blank WordPress them occupies the party’s domain name:  so, there may still be a risk of the return of the aliens.

Like Hellyer’s CAP out West, Paul Hellyer’s former Cabinet colleague, Red Mole Pierre Elliott Trudeau and his entourage in 1968 pretended to “fight” to “save” Canada from the Quebec “separatists”.  (In reality, the majororty of Pierre’s friends who were posing as “separatists” to destabilize Canada, were in fact Communist friends of Trudeau).  They were organized into the form of “controlled opposition” as the Communist Parti Québécois.  Yes, Communist.  The Parti Québécois’s hidden platform advocates world government and industrial democracy, a benign-sounding name for the new form of communism developed under Tito in the former Yugoslavia.

In founding the Canadian Soviet Action Party, and recruiting Communist Connie Fogal of the Communist COPE (Vancouver’s only communist municipal party) to come and lead it, Hellyer merely copied the technique used so successfully to establish illegal Referendums in Quebec to dismantle the Canadian state for the North American Union, a region under the intended world government.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau and his friends the Reds recruited Communist René Lévesque to organize and lead the Parti Québécois to “democratically” dismantle Canada from East to West.

Both Trudeau and Hellyer were federal cabinet ministers under Soviet Agent Prime Minister Lester Bowles Pearson.  Hellyer was then a Minister under Prime Minister and Pilgrim of Moscow, Pierre Trudeau, who led a Communist delegation at Moscow in 1952, and joined a Red Chinese victory parade in China with Mao Tse Tung in 1960.  Pierre also “encountered” Fidel Castro on May 1st, 1960, sixteen years before Canadian “historians” claim they first met.  The source?  Red Pierre own video memoirs on DVD.

The Referendum now demanded by the Canadian Soviet Action Party is for the purpose of “democratically” “voting” Canada into the North American Union, which will completes the Quebec-Canada East-West dismantling with North-South regional integration.

However, in both cases, Referendums are criminal sedition and illegal.  The national sovereignty of Canada is vested in the legal sovereign, the Sovereign under the lawful Constitution, i.e. the Queen or King.

The Sovereign has no power whatsoever, and no prerogative, to dispose of that sovereignty, or hand it to others, such as the people in a referendum, to allow them to exercise it in the Sovereign’s place.  In other words, over and above the deliberate underlying unitary framework of the federal Constitution of Canada, and the deliberate denial of any power to annex Canada or to dismantle it for annexation by multiple “secessions”, the fundamental integrity of the country is vested in the officer of Canada’s Constitution known as the Monarch, who has no constitutional authority to cast it away by any means, whether by a “democratic” vote or “negotiation”.


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