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Soviet Communism?
Candid Camera
Andrew J. Moulden: Note the Heavenly Glow of the Recent Convert

Also see: Comrade Moulden

True memo, discovered on the desk of CAP Leader, Moulden:
Monday, May 26, 2008 10:23 From the desk of Andrew J. Moulden: BA, MA, MD, PHD and new CAP Leader

"Dear Canada;

You will believe me, I hope, when I say I am to become the President (King if you like) of this New World Order and Sigular [sic] State Parliament — sounds delusional — but ask me "WTF" in three years when it happens. [...] I AM international and I am in charge and I am diplomat status and I am wanting you to follow me - not lead me.  I will offer you opportunities for those spiritual dollars ..."

I want you, penniless, or multi-zillionaire, to serve me, and GOD, as that is the command of the day and I am commander in chief in these times - it sucks - but there you have it.

Source:  The above is from an email Moulden sent to Bill Cowper, forwarded to Peter Dodd, and was obtained from a CAP insider by yours truly, the present webmaster.  Merci beaucoup, my friend! *[Webmaster's note: by 'Sigular [sic] State Parliament ...', we think he means the new Parliament for North American Soviet Union.] [Another Webmaster's note: In July of 2009, Mr. Moulden saw the error of his Soviet Lefist ways, and converted to Conservative Right Christianity, leaving a giant maple leaf behind in the C-sAP web site, where he used to have a head.]
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Alex Jones for the Canadian Soviet Action Party
Alex Jones of Info-Wars and Prison Planet officially endorsed the Canadian Soviet Action Party (C-sAP), urging all Canadians to join and follow Comrade Connie Fogal-Rankin. The party is a Communist front, working to advance world government and North American Union.
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Comrade Paul Hellyer

The Real Paul Hellyer

Hellyer occupied the post of National Defense Minister in the Pearson cabinet, and again in the Trudeau cabinet.  However, Lester Bowles Pearson was no ordinary prime minister of Canada.  He was a Soviet espionage agent, whose activities had been exposed by defecting Soviet GRU (Soviet military intelligence), Elizabeth Bentley in the U.S. McCarran Hearings and to the FBI.  In turn, the FBI reported Pearson to Canada’s RCMP.

Pearson gathered around himself like-minded soldiers of the Left, including eventually, “pilgrim of Moscow” Pierre Elliott Trudeau, who led a Communist delegation at Moscow in 1952, all expenses paid by the Canadian Communist Party.

Trudeau’s fellow Cabinet ministers under Pearson included known Soviet espionage agents Jean-Pierre Goyer and Jean-Louis Gagnon; card-carrying Communist Gérard Pelletier was parliamentary secretary to Paul Martin, Senior, himself a member of the Kremlin-controlled Institute of Pacific Relations that fled the USA upon exposure of its Communist leadership and activities on behalf of the USSR. (F.Y.I., they fled to British Columbia where they took up residence at the University of British Columbia, and have apparently never been investigated since.)

Hellyer, who obviously is a (real-life) Red –or neither Pearson nor Trudeau would have had him in their cabinetsSnbsp;– has been chasing flying saucers to projected landing sites, and giving public lectures urging humans to “partner in development” with “the aliens”.  In one of these lectures, Hellyer:

[a] declares aliens have visited the Earth to try to help us save the planet;

[b] affirms a belief that some human beings are capable of channeling the aliens for the purpose of communication;

[c] condemns the American military in no uncertain terms.


We are hell-bent in the direction of destroying our planet, and frankly, we appear to be doing very little about it.  [Hellyer’s obviously working for Gorbachev’s Red “Greens”.  Ed.]  Decades ago, visitors from other planets warned us about where we were headed and offered to help.  But instead, we, or at least some of us, interpreted their visits as a threat and decided to shoot first and ask questions after.  The inevitable result was that some of our planes were lost, but how many were due to retaliation and how many were a result of our own stupidity is a moot point.

Gilbert Smith, one of the first Canadians to take an active interest in the subject of UFOs, asked the visitors about the accidental destruction of some of our aircraft by flying into the vicinity of the flying saucer.  The response, and this is Gilbert’s words:

“We were informed that although a few of our aircraft had come to an unfortunate end by what they considered the colossal stupidity of our pilots, they were now taking corrective measures to avoid our aircraft.

“I asked them” — and this is still Smith — “I asked them [the aliens!] what happened, and they said well, the fields around the saucers in order to hold them up, in order to produce the gravity differential, the time-field differentials which were necessary to operate the ship, these sometimes produced field combinations which sometimes reduced the strength of materials to the point where they were no longer strong enough to carry the loads that the materials were expected to carry.

Now, as we know, aircraft, particularly the military-type, are built with a rather small factor of safety.  And in these regions of reduced binding, the materials are no longer strong enough to carry the load and the craft simply comes apart.”

When I read that, I was reminded of the late, great soprano, Lily Ponds, who used to smash crystal goblets with her high C.  She would direct the sound at them and something in the sound waves would change the structure of the glass and it would fly apart.

Well, this didn’t satisfy our military chiefs who must have thought that it was more important to secure American nuclear superiority — even though using it would result in the annihilation of us all — than to take the hint and start moving the planet back from the brink of global disaster.

They, the military, must have been and still are so paranoid that they feel it necessary to use the visitors’ technology to fight them off rather than welcome them as partners in development.  [More Free Trade!  Ed.]  Though they may have seconded a few renegades to assist them in what can best be viewed as diabolical developments.

Stephen (Bassett) has said that talking about UFO’s is passe, and that we should be talking or limiting our talks to exo-politics.  Well, Steven, I agree with you in theory, but in reality we have a problem when official US policy insists that UFOs don’t exist.  The veil of secrecy must be lifted, and it has to be lifted NOW.  Before it’s too late.

It is ironic that the US would begin a devastating war allegedly in search of weapons of mass destruction when the most worrisome developments in this field are occurring in your own backyard.  [He’s got applause here!  Ed.]  It is ironic [More applause] — It is ironic that the US should be fighting monstrously expensive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan allegedly to bring democracy to those two countries, but it, itself, can no longer legitimately claim to be called a democracy when trillions, I mean thousands of billions, of dollars have been spent on projects about which both the Congress and the Commander-in-Chief have been kept deliberately in the dark, [More applause.]  [Hellyer seems to be implying that these trillions have been spent on something secret connected with UFO’s … and he then demands some answers …]

How much has been accomplished in 60 years of feverish activity by some of the most educated minds in the United States?  Has America developed flying saucers that are visually indistinguishable from the visitors’?  As alleged.  And, if so, what do they propose to do with them?

Even more critical, what progress has been made in the development of clean energy sources that could conceivably replace fossil fuels and save the planet From becoming a veritable wasteland?

Who has the answers?  Someone does.

But, apparently they aren’t telling either Secretaries of Defense or Presidents because they don’t have “a need to know”.

In a story told by Dr Stephen Greer, President Clinton was asked a question by White House reporter Sarah Clendon about why he didn’t do something about UFO disclosure.

Clinton replied:

‘Sarah, there is a government inside the government and I don’t control it’.

Excuse me.  Doesn’t the Commander-in-Chief and the person who allegedly has his finger on the nuclear trigger have a right to know what his subordinates are doing?

The people of the United States who have paid the bills have a right to know.  The people of the world demand to know because it is our descendants, too, whose lives are in mortal jeopardy.

It is time for the people of the U.S. to launch a new war against the evil of lies, deceit, and darkness, and go all out to win the victory of truth, transparency, and light.”


Alien Space Saucer

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